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Taking control of your money is easy


“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.”

— Warren Buffett

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The Buck Builder

A step by step program to reach financial independence.

For the amazing price of free.



Start Here - Find Out Your Net Worth

Figure out your net worth and how you stack up.

Your Savings Rate

We figure out your savings rate. This is the biggest factor on how early you retire.

Your Retirement Number

This is it. We'll figure out what you need to retire and how close you are. Don't be worried, if you can multiply by 25 we'll be done in a minute.

Get The Big Things Right

Get a few key things right and you'll easily save more money than almost everyone else. Despite what they tell you, latte's don't matter.

How To Save More Money

Our best ideas on how to save more money so you can retire earlier.

Create an Emergency Fund

Set some cash aside for emergencies. You'll need it if you're going to get serious about the next step.

Get Rid of Your Debt

Now that you're saving more and have an emergency fund, let’s get rid of that debt.

Start Investing For Retirement

Get your money working for you. It doesn't have to be hard.