Saving Money by Buying Groceries Online

My family has been late to the click and collect grocery store party. Every week we typically made the rounds to Costco, Walmart and our close (aka expensive) grocery store. The problem I’ve been finding with this is that there’s always something extra that slips into the cart. Unplanned clothes purchases, treats that the kids asked for as they passed by them and things started adding up.

So last week we tried ordering online at Superstore and picking up our groceries. It’s amazing. You simply use their app, or go online, choose everything and then they send you a list of the items they didn’t have or could substitute. For our $130 order they substituted a few items and three or four were out of stock. More than I expected, but we quickly picked those up at the Sobey’s around the corner.

But the most amazing part is the pickup. You drive to a designated stall, call a number on the sign and in five minutes a pleasant gentleman came out with our groceries, put them in my trunk and I was off. How much did this cost… $3. Where else can you buy an extra hour of time for $3? Better yet we didn’t see any clothes and our kids didn’t throw in any extra treats so we saved money too.

So if your favorite grocery store is offering the service try it out. Seriously, it’s amazing.

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