I Finally Have a Good Wifi Signal

You may get the feeling reading personal finance blogs that you shouldn’t spend any money. You should just put 99% of your income against your debt and investments and then you’ll live happily ever after. But the reality is that it’s about making conscious choices. It’s about fighting back against all the advertising in corporate America and realizing, we don’t need every new thing to be happy.

But it’s also about realizing which purchases will make you happy.

In Pete Adeney’s (Mr. Money Moustache) interview with Tim Ferriss he mentioned that you should think about taking out negatives, not adding things. I think this is a brilliant way to look at your purchases. Do you need another toy for your kids? Are they really suffering from only having 20 toys and need another one? Likely not. But what’s bugging you? Well I’ll tell you what’s bugging me.

I have horrible wifi on my second floor.

Now this is definitely a first world problem, but my media cabinet is in my basement and that’s where my crappy tv company provided modem/router is located. If I’m in the basement the wifi is fine, typically in the 80-90 mb/s range. But when I’m on the second floor where our master bedroom is it sometimes falls to almost nothing. Other times it’s okay. But it’s annoying.

So I took the drastic step and bought Google wifi.

Now if you’re not familiar with Google wifi it’s a new sort of system that creates a wifi mesh around your house. Back in the day you had a router and it got weaker the farther away you were. Then we got dual band routers that had two frequencies, the 5ghz typically has less interference, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the range of the 2.4ghz. Then we moved into wifi extenders. Which are horrible! These make you switch networks when you move locations. More pain! So what does Google wifi do? You set up the three routers and they all link to each other and create a mesh around your home. It automatically jumps from 2.4ghz to 5ghz when it thinks it’s best and it’s seamless to use, you sign into one network and it’ll do all the switching in the background.

Does Google wifi work?

You bet it does. Now I’m getting 70+ mb/s on my second floor and 100-150 mb/s in my basement. Outside my house it definitely dips, but it’s still a huge improvement over my old modem/router combo.

Best part? It’s super easy to set up. I just called my cable provider, got them to switch my modem/router to bridge mode, which turns it into a basic modem and then plugged in my first Google wifi point. After that I just followed along in their app and I had it all set up in a few minutes. It’s slick.

It also has some cool features – you can turn your kids devices off, or give priority to a certain device for a period of time in case you need to get a night of gaming in. You can also easily test the network in the app and see if everything is online and working fine. Another nice touch is the ability to turn off the indicator lights so you can put one right in your master bedroom without it bothering your sleep.

So if you have slow wifi in parts of your house and it’s annoying you check out Google wifi. It’s cheaper than its competitors (ex. eero) and it doesn’t look bad either.

What’s your best purchase of the month? #BPOM