Buck Builder Challenge #4 – Invest Like a Billionaire… in Toilet Paper

This week’s challenge is all about finding an investment to make in something that you use frequently, can store easily and is available in bulk at a discount greater than 15% than what you normally pay (and would use in less than 6-12 months).

Look at the things you buy repetitively and then go and buy those things in bulk
— Mark Cuban

So invest like a billionaire. Recently, I found that I could buy wine at a heavy discount and made the choice to park $240 of my wife’s go to wine in the basement. It’s a guaranteed 27% return. So go find yours and invest in toilet paper, or tuna, or anything!

A warning though, if you have non mortgage debt - don’t do this week’s challenge. Seriously, just get on that debt reduction. I don’t want you to get a dopamine hit from the feeling of sweet savings and end up with 6 months of Kraft Dinner that you put on a line of credit. Stick with the mantra, if you don’t have money, you don’t spend money.