Buck Builder Challenge #1 – Cut Your Monthly Expenses Loose

Most of us are paying more than we need to on some recurring bill. So make a quick list that captures your biggest recurring payments (mortgage, heat, internet, car payments, phone, insurance, etc.) and either reduce your package if it makes sense, or give them a call and ask for a reduction, just like I did in this recent post.

These add up, even if you manage to save $20 per month it would be worth over $3,200 in 10 years (assuming a 6% return).

Bonus points for stopping a service that you don’t really need. A while back I stopped my Texture (Netflix for magazines) subscription because I realized that it was causing me stress. I was feeling pressured to get through all the business magazines before the next ones came out. So I cancelled. It saved me money and I barely miss it (okay full disclosure, I really missed it at my breakfast the next day, but it faded quick).

Let us know what you did to bring down your monthly bills in the comments below.

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