Buck Builder Challenge #2 – Sell Something

Now if you’re a minimalist and have two forks, one jacket, never owned a tie and live in under 500 square feet then stop reading here. If you’re like the rest of us and have stuff lying around you don’t use anymore then… Sell Something! Then put that money to use paying off debt, or adding to your emergency fund.

We upgraded my oldest son to a Casper bed a few months ago (Awesome bed, currently rated as the best bed by consumer reports and a smoking deal), but we wanted to get him a double instead of a twin. So we had an extra twin frame. It sat in our laundry room for weeks. But finally, I took the time, posted it online and within a few hours and a couple texts, a kind gentleman who just moved into town showed up at my place to take it away.

We sold it way under ask at $80, threw in a set of bed linens and my wife even tracked down our spare set to give him. He had moved across the country to work and was trying to get beds for his kids before they moved over to join him.

Let me say that again, there was a bed frame in my laundry room and now it’s going to help bring a family together. So if you have something useful that you no longer use, put it up for sale. Not just for you, but to keep it out of the landfill and to help someone else who may need it.

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