How Mint Saved me $140

I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my bank account and I missed a charge for $49.95 from one month. My wife and I have a shared card so there’s often a few items I don’t know about, but I should have noticed something as big as $50. But then it happened again the following month and as I was looking at my charges in mint I finally noticed it. What the heck is Apparently it’s some media company that provides content, but when I searched for it “scam” seemed to be everywhere.

My wife didn’t remember signing up for anything so it was full blown money crisis mode. We called the bank, asked them to challenge the charges, but that was going to take longer so we called this Now I don’t deal with a lot of media companies, but when the first option on the phone list is cancellations you know it’s likely not a fortune 500 company.

The gentlemen on the other side of the phone was clearly reading from a script and I was having none of it. “Give me my money back” I said. More script. “Get off the f’ing script, I want my money back.” After some more colorful language I got assurance that he would return my money I asked for his name, employee ID and direct line, I find that always increases the accountability. And low and behold they returned our money (less the change in the exchange rate) as shown in my mint transactions.

mint screenshot - 247playz charges

We also cancelled my wife’s credit card just to be certain no more charges could go through. But the biggest thing is to make sure you’re keeping up to date on what’s going through your accounts. I find mint is awesome, but Personal Capital would provide the same functionality.

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